Managed Services

Managed Service providers are compelled to review their IT strategy in light of the revenue challenges. By embracing managed services approach, one can easily figure out the way to drastically reduce operational costs. It is the act of transferring day-to-day IT operational activities as a strategy to set upon high efficiency in activities yet in a cost-effective manner.

As a managed service provider, Sbase will lower your risk by offering flexibility, end-to-end accountability,and ownership. Thus, you can concentrate on your business core tasks instead of worrying about technological issues and day-to-day operations.

With this, you can take the edge of the economies of scale along with adaptable working models,customized as per your working hours, and other specific requirements.

Our goal is to offer value-driven solutions and maximum business value to our global clientele and improve their position in the competitive market by providing good results.

Our expertise

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • .Net
  • Java
  • Java with AWS
  • Hadoop
  • Big Data
  • AWS
  • Data Science
  • DevOps
  • Selenium and more

These technologies make us the perfect service partner for the businesses, which are searching for the ways to lower their risks and focus on core business events.


Make your Business Smarter with AI

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence is penetrating into each side of the business, right from deploying bots to AI-driven platforms. We help different organizations in building forefront AI solutions that empower them to be a leader in what they do.


Machine Learning

Machine learning offers lots of advantages to the business like rapid processing, predictions, analysis, and much more. Businesses can deliver new products and services by drastically lowering the price of existing products using the solution.

We use cloud computing as a source to drive advance machine learning solutions. Our seasoned experts have an advanced thinking in machine learning theory and hence it makes us the choice of all corporate big data needs.


Data Science

We offer unique, path-breaking data science solutions and services right from the data science consulting to actual data preparation and modeling.

SBase’s Center of Excellence for Data Science ensures that the latest, cutting-edge offerings are provide to global users and the in-house competencies in field are constantly enhanced, to help retain and grow our presence as top-most data science service provider, which stood ahead among the multiple data science consulting and implementation companies.


Selenium Testing

SBase is proven Selenium Testing provider in offering strategic consulting services to global customers in implementing test automation using Selenium tool. Our team comprises leads, managers and automation engineers that are expertise in all the leading automation test frameworks.

Why choose us?

  • Reduce the rejection of defect fixes
  • Ensure End to End product testing is being done
  • Ensure the stability of the product for every successive release
  • Reduce risk on quality due to dependency on resources



With years of experience in the IT market, SBase is well-positioned to plan, strategize, evaluate and offer end-to-end DevOps solutions.

We apply lean and agile standards over the product lifecycle, accordingly, enhancing the way of life and procedures while encouraging development and empowering a responsive feedback mechanism.

Our DevOps arrangements plug the holes that exist between programming improvement, quality confirmation, and IT activities in this manner empowering you to rapidly create programming items and administrations, while enhancing operational execution fundamentally.

What we offer: DevOps as a Service

  • Higher Solution Delivery Rate
  • Quicker to Reach Market
  • High Quality
  • Better Collaboration


AWS Managed Service Provider

The web is such an integral part of our day-to-day lives that it has shrunk the geographical limits and physical distances absolutely meaningless. The Internet brought a new dimension to the way how businesses did the sharing of information over distant places within a fraction of seconds.  It is a direct result of the Internet that anyone can have a web presence and reach organizations without leaving their office desks or homes. Unfortunately, not every person is familiar with the technology and that is where web services come in which not only provide its client’s web presence but also a whole set of AWS managed services.

Amazon Web Services is nothing but deploying, monitoring, maintaining and running applications in the cloud as its simple for any business to utilize those applications at whatever point they need and wherever they need. We at SBase Technologies, work with our global clientele to assess the suitability and assist them to pick the best bundles for their business development. In brief, we are in the exact position to take your business growth literally to the CLOUD.


.NET Software Development

Fueled with over a half-decade of.Net expertise, we build robust business solutions for worldwide customers in a cost-effective manner. We put broad assets in R&D to fill the requirements of our customers and enhance them with multi-functional applications to lift their business processes.


Java Development

Organizations turn to Java application development for its flexibility, stability, reliability and cross-platform opportunities. We at Sbase, offer Java application development services to provide our global clients with high caliber and safeguard applications. Our seasoned custom solution development team have sound knowledge in the technology of Java and utilize its tremendous information to deliver a wide scope of applications that help businesses.


Hadoop Managed Technologies

Sbase offers an entire set-up of Hadoop infrastructure and support system. Our exceptional team is versed in transferring day-to-day related management responsibility as a key strategy for enhanced business production tasks, structuring, constructing, deploying, and supporting the tools sets and platform. With the choice of Hadoop’s conveyance through our managed service model, we can help quick delivery while minimizing expenses. Our talented Hadoop specialists can give a top of the line range of abilities to counterbalance the absence of in-house skills, decrease server farm or cloud boundaries and guarantee profitable implementation.


Big Data Managed Technologies

Our Professional Managed Services is the act of transferring everyday related management responsibility as a primary method for increased database performance, which results in powerful and proficient activities and support. These Managed Services ensure the accessibility and reliability of your Big Data platform by utilizing SBase’sManaged Services that consequently scale with your business requirements.


QA testing

QA’s Managed Testing Services offer a wide range of application testing services and solutions to help look after stability, decrease cost and enhance efficiency. We team up with your business to give high-performing, cost-effective testing services that help quick delivery, enhance quality and improve the help across the business solutions. Our decade of experience in the industry produces substantial business results for our customers.